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Every year the calendar changes, your personal numerology changes too!

And then have you ever lived in a place that just feels off — out of synch with you, your desires, and with your energies? Here is how to calculate the numerology for your house or apartment:. First, write down the full number of your house or apartment. Next, add all of the numbers together to find the sum. Reduce the sum to a single digit. The house number is If you live in a house Bluff Boulevard, you live in a 3 house.

The most important element is the house number, not the name of the street. If you live in an apartment, your most influential number is your apartment number — not your building number. Now you calculate the apartment number, which is Letters also have numeric value in Numerology. So you live in apartment 15A, you would take the numeric value of the letter A see below and add that to the apartment number. You can change the vibration of your home by putting another number inside your door.

Just add number 5 to the inside of your door and — wa-la! The 1 home is a place to establish independence. The personality of this house supports self-employment or an active career. People living in this home will be encouraged to maintain their independence, autonomy, and personal freedom. Living here can teach you lessons about self-confidence, courage, determination, and failing forward.

The 1 home fosters and focuses on independence to the exclusion of the give-and-take required for successful partnership.

Numerology 8 Table of Contents

Perfect for finding success and establishing your sense of independence, individuality, and achievement. The 2 home is a place devoted to love, family, and partnership. Its energy promotes loving relationships, devotion to the group as a whole, and is a harmonious place to live. The personality of this house supports people who want to co-create a life together — couples, couples with kids, or best friends.

Living here can teach you lessons about love, relationships, peace, harmony, and emotions. The 2 home fosters and focuses on relationship to the exclusion of independence and individuality. You can begin to feel emotionally needy. Perfect for creating and establishing loving relationships and is a great home to raise a family. This is a comfortable and nurturing environment for everyone. The Master numbers bring higher potential and also more intense challenges.

A Master 11 house is a powerful place to develop intuition. This is a wonderful home for anything having to do with spiritual healing and developing your own excellence in whatever you do. Its energy promotes socializing, inspired and uplifting conversation, and artistic expression. The personality of this house supports people who want to start a family, engage in innovation and creativity — anyone who wants to live life fully and joyfully feels good in this house. People living in this home will be encouraged to be emotionally sensitive and tap into their creative expression.

Living here can teach you lessons about communication, emotions, joy, and expression. The energy of this home is vivacious, yet it can lend itself to the occupants feeling scattered and unable to follow through with things commitments, projects, that sort of thing. You can also find that money slips though your hands when you live here. Since the energy of the 3 is all about creativity and emotions, you might have a tendency to experience bigger emotional highs and lows in this house, not to mention bouts with self-doubt. Perfect for hosting parties and get togethers with fascinating people.

This is a comfortable and inspiring environment for everyone. You can feel scattered and have trouble focusing and following through with things in your life. You repel conformity. The 7 period makes you inclined to seek and absorb learning as a primary focus. The fact that you don't feel very comfortable in your environment is to be expected. Your natural curiosity and inquisitive mind will take you far during this period. The 7 period in the productive years is excellent for one continuing studies and analysis into mid life.

The tendency is to strive for mental growth and development and you are apt to be in the process of expanding your areas of interest now. This period is a plus if you are engaged in academic pursuits, but otherwise progress may be slow. It is hard to force yourself to seek opportunity now, and if you do, it will probably be to no avail. Perhaps it will come to you if you get prepared. When the 7 period occurs in later life you may find yourself engaged in study as never before in your life. This period may find you writing more, engaged in some form of research, or venturing into new and interesting subjects.

This is not a very social period and indeed there is concern that you may become increasingly isolated by your own choosing. An 8 period in early life stresses the practical and the material.

Numerology: 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th Number 3 Life Path

This is not the stuff of a good childhood experience as it may tend to elevate the importance of material success at an inappropriate age. For the less affluent, there may be too much interest in achieving material goals. This period may have its positive side in preparing a relatively young person for financial and material success.

You may go into business early in life with the tools to succeed. The 8 lifepath period in the productive years may push you to a level of success that would not have otherwise been attained.

Every path has primary and secondary influences

This period denotes a time when attainment, authority, and general business acumen is brought to foreground. You will want to set your goals high and do everything in a big way. If you have the inherent management abilities, this period will accelerate your prestige and attainments. With the 8 lifepath period in later life, it is suggested that your greatest achievements may be yet to come.

If all you have lacked before is good management, now may be your time to shine. In retirement you may find yourself deeply involved in clubs, organizations and perhaps government entities. Your contribution to these can be important for your sense of accomplishment and for your social life at this time. The 9 lifepath is difficult for a young person because so much is expected of them in terms of feeling compassion and tolerance.

The youthful years are by nature selfish years and the 9 period stifles this sense of being self absorbed. While the upbringing under this influence can be helpful in the future, often the period brings periods of feeling lonely, unappreciated and unsure of self. The lesson of the 9 is that life is universal rather than personal, and thus, those with this early path may have a head start.

With the 9 in the productive years you may find yourself becoming more of a humanitarian. You may find it easier to express compassion, sympathy, understanding and tolerance while in this period. This can be an emotional cycle and one of significant personal growth. You may be called on to overcome disappointments and setbacks, but the potential for gain in this period is significant. The 9 period in the later years generally signifies a settled and happy life at this juncture. You are inclined to positive feelings toward the world, and you will want to share your experiences to a greater extent.

You may engage in many positive works benefiting mankind or just a few needy souls in your immediate environment. The lesson of the number is learning to give without expecting to get something back. If you have learned this by this time, this period may well be the best part of your life.

Personal Year, Personal Month, Personal Day, Personal 9 Year Cycle 1 - 9

A pinnacle is an experience occurring over a specific time in our life. These pinnacle periods have been likened to the four seasons. The first pinnacle is in the spring of life. The second covering years of family raising and responsibility represents summer. The third covering middle-age and growing maturity of judgment represents the autumn of life, and the forth, consolidating the experiences of life, is represented by winter. The first period is derived from the adding the month and day of birth.

The second pinnacle is identified by adding the day of birth with the year of birth. The third pinnacle is identified by adding the first and second pinnacle. The fourth pinnacle is identified by adding the month and the year.


Numerology Number Meanings: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

The timing of pinnacles varies for each of the first nine Life Path numbers. The timing for the master number 11 is the same a Life Path 2, and the master number 22 is same as the Life Path 4.

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Here is a chart for determining the timing of pinnacles keyed to your Life Path number:. If your Life Path number is 1, your first pinnacle extends from birth to age 35; 2nd pinnacle age ; 3rd pinnacle age , and the final pinnacle is at age 54 and beyond. If your Life Path number is 2, your first pinnacle extends from birth to age 34; 2nd pinnacle age ; 3rd pinnacle age , and the final pinnacle is at age 53 and beyond.