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Today's Sagittarius Horoscope. Your Free Tarot Card of the Day. At the end of the month you will come to your dreams and an opportunity for many moments spent in the family circle, especially the people you love. Think about whether it would not be better to come to terms with a person who, in your opinion, does not perform his or her official duties very effectively.

It is possible that it does not have a sufficiently high self-esteem and it needs to be better supported by someone from outside. Mercury Retrograde begins and ends with a shadow period. These periods have the main theme of mis-communications and misunderstandings, poorly planned purchases and contracts. It is time to avoid making long-term decisions.

Aquarius Horoscope 2020

It is a review time with bigger repercussions. Some cycles are great for moving ahead, this is not one of those; buyer beware or in carpentry terms measure thrice cut once. Where have I turned aside from rectitude? What have I been doing? What have I left undone, which I ought to have done?

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Begin thus from the first act, and proceed; and, in conclusion, at the ill which thou hast done, be troubled, and rejoice for the good. Read also : Horoscope — a complete guide. According to WiseHoroscope , will be a great year for all zodiac signs.

Aries: discussions about a job, reevaluations, and rechecking of documents, work contracts, reconfiguration of some workforce relationships will occur. Taurus: you are prone to confusions, and you face some communication issues in the relationship with your children or lover. This is common knowledge that there are nine radical numbers in Numerology, from 1 to 9. Each of these Numerology Numbers has a planet as their Lord. These are:. On analysing this year as per Numerology , we realise that this year will be significant for several radical number natives, in many ways.

Taking a look at the number , we can see that the digit 2 comes twice in it. Numerology number 2 demonstrates the Moon and this year is also forming the Kula Yoga. Rahu is the Lord of root number 4. Therefore, we can deduce that the coming year will be crucial for natives whose radical number is 4. Additionally, it will also bring significant changes in the lives of natives born on 22 of any month and under the influence of the Moon.

While the coming year will be auspicious for natives of numerology number 4, let us read how it will be for the rest of the natives. Note: The following predictions are according to your radical number, i.

To calculate your root number, add the digits of your date of birth to come to a single figure. This is your radical number. People born on 1, 10, or 19 of any month are natives of the root number 1. The year will be full of ups and downs for working professionals indicates Numerology Horoscope You need to be careful because your working attitude can trouble others, especially your boss or other senior officials. Married natives need to talk to their spouse and work on their mutual understanding.


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Try to keep your possessive behaviour to the minimum. Students can receive some happy tidings as they enrol in a new course that they wanted to join for a long time. However, you will need to work on your concentration after April as you may get distracted from your studies. Things are not so favourable for you on the financial front as your savings get spent due to high expenses. Moreover, some family members can also ask for monetary help from you, adding to your burden. Healthwise too, things will be problematic for natives of numerology number 1, as they battle bones or teeth related issues.

Therefore, take care and consult a doctor immediately. People born on 2, 11, or 20 belong to root number 2. Numerology Horoscope indicates that these natives will face many significant changes in their lives this year. You will encounter lots of conflicts and misunderstandings at your workplace, as your seniors and jealous colleagues trouble you unnecessary. Married natives will plan for a vacation with their spouse. They will enjoy this time together, and their bond will deepen as they grow closer.

As for natives in love, you need to work on your mutual understanding and develop a stronger bond to avoid the misunderstandings that are probable this year. On the flip side, if you are still on the lookout for your soulmate, then your search can come to an end after 18 April You can meet the love of your life on a trip or through some friends.

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Student natives need to concentrate on their studies because the people of the opposite gender can become a distraction for you this year. Remember that your education matters the most; otherwise, your final results will suffer. Predictions suggest a situation of unnecessary expenditure, in the financial life of natives of numerology number 2. Do not be hasty in your investments or take any significant step without calculating the pros and cons, as that can result in instability.

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  • As for your health, no serious problem is on the cards. Despite that, do not neglect your wellbeing and practise yoga or exercise regularly. People born on 3, 12, 21, or 30 of any month have 3 as their root number. Numerology Horoscope is indicating a favourable time ahead for natives of this number. Working professionals can look forward to a hike in the salary or even a promotion. Your boss and other senior officials will praise your work.

    On the flip side, if you are contemplating a job change, then you will get the opportunity to join your desired organisation after 25 April Married couples can receive a new blessing in the form of a baby. Conversely, natives in love should seek the advice of an experienced person to save their relationship from falling apart. Furthermore, the search of single natives for their soulmate can also come to an end after 19 July This person will fill your life with excitement and bliss.

    Student natives of Numerology Number 3, will finally get the approval they have been waiting for concerning a new project, after April. At the same time, things will turn favourable for people preparing for higher research studies like a degree of PhD after 9 May Natives will have a prosperous year as their movable and immovable properties increase gradually. Business people will also start receiving profitable returns from 23 March However, you need to be more compassionate towards your workers.

    Healthwise, things may be slightly problematic for you, as you to battle with issues pertaining to cholesterol or fat. Natives, especially those above the age of 30, need to be more attentive and cautious about diabetes and related concerns. People born on 4, 13, 22, or 31 of any month, fall under the Root Number 4. This year will take you to new heights, promises Numerology Horoscope Some of you may get the chance to go on a foreign trip for work-related matters.

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    While others will reap the fruits of their labour as a near and dear one offers you a good position in their new venture. Simultaneously, some of you can even start your own business. Married natives of this numerology number will need to remain on a lookout, as a third person can create troubles in your life. This person may cause misunderstandings between you and your spouse.